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BE. Crooks

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The purpose of this report is to describe the particular health needs of the American Indian population of Albuquerque, NM and, based on those needs, to establish a health care plan as a step toward self-determination. The report was submitted to the Indian Health Service as part of a request for assistance from the federal government. The report uses a wide variety of descriptive data to describe the regional population. It then defines the particular health care needs of the population through both statistics and survey results. It includes a section detailing the barriers to the delivery of health care in the region. The report presents a detailed list of goals, objectives, and related activities as a way to begin goal attainment. The goals are categorized according to fiscal year. The report is documented and includes the survey that was used to collect data. The report concludes, in its introduction, that the attainment of these goals will be a positive step toward the ultimate goal of self-determination.

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Albuquerque Urban Indian Center, Inc.