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Summer 7-13-2017


Color centers in CaF2 were studied in this work, in parallel with examinations of changes in the refractive index of the crystals by the larger research group, after they were subjected to radiation. Color centers induced by gamma rays and in mixed neutron-gamma fields were studied in CaF2 and LiF using transmittance and absorbance spectra. The goals were to examine both neutron and neutron-gamma mixed field irradiations to be able to isolate neutron only effects and to correlate these color center effects with refractive index effects studied by our larger collaboration. Irradiation sources include 137Cs, DD and DT reactions at Sandia National Laboratory, the University of New Mexico Neutron Howitzer, and the Oregon State University TRIGA reactor. Only the samples irradiated to high doses, 2.176x105 Gy through 2.176x107 Gy, at Oregon State University showed strong color centers. Different color centers had different intensities and the absorbance as a function of dose shows a clear relation and is dependent on the specific color centers. UV bleaching shows a similar relation in reverse.


color center, material damage, CaF2, neutron damage, gamma damage, F center

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Nuclear Engineering

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Nuclear Engineering

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