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Fission fragment and product inventories play a key role in many areas of nuclear science from simulation of fissioning systems to diagnostics for optimal reactor operation and waste disposal. New experimental data are needed to further reduce the uncertainty in the current standard data as well as investigating fission fragment distributions for incident neutron energies where no data currently exist. To accomplish these goals the Spectrometer for Ion Detection in Fission Research (SPIDER) project is intended to be a multi-armed, high-efficiency, high-resolution time-of-flight spectrometer for event-by-event fission fragment identification. As a contribution to the project, a single module timing detector was designed and constructed to be fielded at the LANSCE facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory at a later date. The development and performance of the prototype single module, timing detector has shown improved efficiency (68%-70%) and sharper microchannel plate vs. surface barrier coincidence event time-resolution (6.38 ns) than previous, similar experiments.


Fission Fragment Mass Spectroscopy, Time-of-Flight

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