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Spring 4-14-2022


When designing experiments for full-scale reactor systems, MCNP and Whisper can be used to create neutronic models and compare the similarity of two nuclear systems via correlation coefficients for π‘˜π‘’π‘“π‘“, effective multiplication factor. This thesis applies this framework to a conceptual heat-pipe, yttrium-hydride moderated microreactor system and experiments. The framework is intended as a supplement to other neutronics/thermal/multiphysics analyses and provides a concrete method to measure the neutronic similarity of two systems. By analyzing the shared nuclear data uncertainty, as well as sensitivity to nuclear data over all neutron energies, highly informative experiments can be designed to aid in the development of microreactor and other advanced reactor technologies and systems.


Nuclear microreactor experiment design, MCNP (Monte Carlo N-Particle code), Whisper, sensitivity/correlation coefficients, neutronics, neutron transport

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Nuclear Engineering

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Nuclear Engineering

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Christopher Perfetti

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Holly Trellue

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