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Act To Authorize Additional Appropriations for the Construction of the Buffalo Bill Dam & Reservoir, Shoshone Project, Pick-Sloan MO Basin Program, WY of 1992


Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation, San Carlos Apache Tribe of the San Carlos Reservation


Ute Indian Water Compact


Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation




Great Basin Region, Upper Colorado Region

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Great Basin, Upper Colorado


In the Matter of the General Determination of All the Rights to the Use of Water, Both Surface and Underground, Within 10 the Drainage Area of the Uinta Basin in Utah, Civil No. 560800056CV, Duchesne County, UT

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Federal legislation


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Federal Legislation, Title V - Ute Indian Rights Settlement of the 1992 Act To authorize addition Act to authorize additional appropriations for the construction of the Buffalo Bill Dam & Reservoir, Shoshone Project, Pick-Sloan MO Basin Program, WY, PL 102-575, 106 Stat. 4601, 4650 (Oct. 30, 1992). Parties: US & Ute Tribe. The 1990 Compact is ratified. The Act and revised Ute Indian Compact of 1990 are intended to quantify the Tribe’s reserved water rights; allow increased beneficial use of the water and put the Tribe in the same economic position it would have enjoyed had the Upalco and Uintah units of the Central Utah Project defined by the Sep. 20 1965 Agreement had been constructed. Provisions are made to pay for the 35,500 acre-feet of water that would have been made available and that the Tribe will not receive from the Bonneville Project. The monies are to be used for governmental purpose and to enhance the educational, social and economic opportunities for the Tribe. The US will make available to the Tribe any unused capacity in the Bonneville Unit Strawberry Aqueduct and collection system diversion system. Transfers of Ute reserved rights to different lands or uses will be done under UT state law. Limits are placed on Tribal sale, exchange or lease of water into or in the Lower Colorado River Basin. The Tribal rights may be sold, exchanged or leased within UT whether on or off the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation. Off-reservation use will be governed by state law. Tribal federal reserved rights must be used on reservation. Of the funds the Tribe will receive, $45M is to be used to develop a 7,500 acre farming/feedlot operation; an expense reduction plan for the remaining lands served by the Uintah Indian Irrigation Project; and a fund for the upgrade of individual Tribal members’ farming operations. Of the funds authorized in Sec. 201, authorization of additional amounts for the Colorado River Storage Project: $5M is allocated to repair Cedarview Reservoir; $10M is allocated to do stream improvements; 500K is allocated to clean the Bottle Hollow Reservation on the Reservation, remove non-game fish and secure minimum flows for a cold water fishery; $10M is allocated to develop recreational and fish and wildlife management facilities; $3M is allocated to construct pipelines for the tribe so it may participate in the Duchesne County Municipal Water Conveyance System; and $125M is allocated for the Tribal Development Fund. Minimum flows are established for Rock Creek. The Tribe shall prepare a Tribal Development Plan for the Fund. [Source:]


Federal legislation: 170 pages.

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