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Seminole Tribe of Florida Water Rights Settlement Agreement




Seminole Tribe of Florida (Dania, Big Cypress, Brighton, Hollywood and Tampa Reservations)


Seminole Water Rights Settlement


Fort Pierce Reservation


Big Cypress Indian Reservation, Brighton Indian Reservation




South Atlantic-Gulf Region

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South Atlantic -Gulf Region


Seminole Tribe of Indians of Florida v. State of Florida, No. 78-6616 CIV. (S.D. Fla.)

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Settlement agreement


State of FL

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Settlement Agreement: Water Rights Compact among the Seminole Tribe of Florida, State Of Florida and South Florida Water Management District (May 15, 1987) Parties: Seminole Tribe of Florida, State Of Florida and South Florida Water Management District .The Compact recognizes water rights under federal for the Tribe and the Tribe gives up federal reserved rights under Winters. The Tribe will comply with the state law of 1986 for regulating water use. The Tribe is not under to the procedural provisions of the Florida Water Resources Act or administrative control by the District and has regulatory authority over water use and surface water management within the Tribe's reservation. The Tribe has the authority to create a water code and will set up a water management office. Water on the reservation will be regulated through the Compact, Manual and tribal water code. A purpose of the Manual is to further define and explain the conditions, criteria and objectives of the Compact. State or District rules, regulations and owners shall not adversely affect Tribal water rights. Testing and monitoring are addressed. The Tribe shall have significant input to water related land use decisions relating to the use of land surrounding the reservation, however, existing uses are protected. New consumptive uses must not adversely affect potable water through saline intrusion, wetlands, lawful land uses, environment, surface or groundwater and other users. The Tribe will enjoy preferences with regard to groundwater use. Aquifer drawdown is limited. Water shortage and surface water management rules are addressed. The Tribe will give the District assurances that tribal water resource management of groundwater or other activities that might pollute will not adversely affect the District’s water resources. Wetlands shall be protected. The Tribe will submit to the District tribal Work Plans for all work covered by the Compact. There are specific provisions for the Brighton and Big Cypress Reservations. Judicial recourse shall be through federal court. Compact violations are addressed. [[Source:]


Settlement Agreement: 21 pages

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