Chippewa-Cree Indians of the Rocky Boy's Reservation


Chippewa-Cree Tribe Water Rights Settlement


Rocky Boys Indian Reservation




Missouri River Basin

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Federal legislation: Chippewa-Cree Tribe of the Rocky Boy Reservation Indian Reserved Water Rights Settlement and Water Supply Enhancement Act of 1999 (PL 106–163, 113 Stat. 1778) Act approves and ratifies the Water Rights Compact entered into on April 14, 1997, by the Tribe and MT, as modified by this Act. Directs the Secretary of the Interior to execute and implement the Compact. Requires the US, the Tribe, or MT to petition the MT Water Court to enter and approve the proposed decree. Provides an expiration date; a tribal water code. Satisfies any entitlement to Federal Indian reserved water of any tribal member solely from the water secured to the Tribe by the Compact. Authorizes water leasing, contracting, exchange, or other agreement; Bureau of Reclamation to plan, design, and construct specified water development projects on the Reservation; and (2) funding mechanism. Establishes the Chippewa-Cree Indian Reserved Water Rights Settlement Trust Fund. Authorizes appropriations for the Fund and its various accounts, for on-Reservation water development projects, and for Bureau administrative costs. Authorizes Tiber Reservoir allocation and feasibility studies. Requires cost-share from State; Secretary to allocate a specified amount of stored water to the Tribe without cost and grants the Tribe the right to devote the water to any use within or outside the Reservation. Provides for the Bureau to: 1) perform a municipal, rural, industrial, domestic, and incidental drought relief feasibility study of water and related resources in North Central MT to evaluate alternatives for a municipal, rural, and industrial water supply for the Reservation; and 2) conduct a regional feasibility study to evaluate such water and related resources to determine limitations and how such resources can best be managed to serve the needs of MT's citizens. Authorizes appropriations for the feasibility studies. [Source:]


Federal Legislation:15 pages.

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