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Title II of Truckee-Carson-Pyramid Lake Paiute Shoshone Water Rights Settlement Act


Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe


Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe of the Pyramid Lake Reservation


Pyramid Lake Paiute Water Rights Settlement


Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation


Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation




Great Basin Region

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Great Basin

HUC Refined

Truckee River Basin

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Federal legislation


United States

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Federal Legislation: Title II - Truckee-Carson-Pyramid Lake Water Settlement, Public Law 101-618, 104 Stat. 3295 (Nov. 16, 1990) dealing primarily with rights of CA and NV. Parties: NV, CA, Pyramid Lake Paiute, The Act provides for the equitable apportionment of waters of Truckee River, Carson River and Lake Tahoe between NV & CA. The California allocation on the Truckee is subject to the right of the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation’ right to use water as described under the Orr Ditch Decree. The Tribe has the right to manage the water on the reservation. Provisions are made to protect the Pyramid Lake fishery. The US will acquire water rights for it. The US is to create the Pyramid Lake Paiute Fisheries Fund with an authorized $25 million. The US will create the Pyramid Lake Paiute Economic Development Fund with an authorized $40 million for the development of long-term economic & job opportunities for the Tribe and to establish a high quality recreation area, but there are limits on developing gambling enterprises. The Tribe is to develop an economic development plan and dismiss several lawsuits brought by the Tribes. Section 204 (of Title II) shall not take effect until the Pyramid Lake Tribe's claim to the remaining waters of the Truckee River has been resolved. Anaho Island is recognized as part of the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation and, with consent of the Tribe, it will be managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service as a refuge. The Tribe has the authority to establish rules and regulations governing all forms of water-based recreation on all lands within the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation except fee-patented land. [Source:]


Federal Legislation: 44 pages

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