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Jicarilla Apache Nation Water RIghts Settlement


Jicarilla Apache Nation


Jicarilla Apache Nation


Jicarilla Apache Water Settlement


Jicarilla Apache Nation


Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation




Upper Colorado Region, Rio Grande Basin

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Upper Colorado

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San Juan Basin

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Settlement Agreement: Contract between the US and the Jicarilla Apache Tribe (Dec. 8, 1992). Parties: Jicarilla Apache Nation and US. The contract will come into effect when certain decrees are entered, claims dismissed, and cases resolved. When a decree is entered in the water rights adjudication styled NM v. US of the NM San Juan River system added to the decree in NM v. Aragon, a second water rights adjudication in NM will fully describe the Nation’s reserved water rights, that is, diversion not to exceed 40K acre-feet per year from the two stream systems. This water will come from in the Navajo River, Navajo Reservoir, and San Juan-Chama Project. The decree will also adjudicate rights held by the Nation under state law and to groundwater, ponds, and lakes within the Reservation. The Nation’s water rights may be sourced in ground or surface water. Many of these rights are subordinated to the contract. US will buy-out private water rights for 11K acre-feet depletion in the San Juan River system. The Nation will assume all conveyance losses. It is responsible for the water made available under the contract. The Nation will share shortages in San Juan-Chama Project water. The Nation may lease its water off-reservation. The Nation will develop a water conservation program. [Source:]


Settlement Contract: 17 pages.

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