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Claims Resolution of 2010, Title III, White Mountain Apache Tribe Water Rights Quantification Act of 2010


White Mountain Apache Tribe of the Fort Apache Reservation


White Mountain Apache Tribe Water Rights Settlement


White Mountain Apache Reservation


Fort Apache Indian Reservation




Lower Colorado Region

HUC Refined

Lower Colorado River and Gila River


In Re General Adjudication of All Rights to Use Water in the Little Colorado River System and Source

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Federal legislation


United States

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Federal Legislation: Claims Settlement Act of 2010, TITLE III—White Mountain Apache Tribe Water Rights Quantification, PL111-291| 124 Stat 3064, 3073 (Dec. 8, 2010). Parties: White Mountain Apache Tribe, US, AZ. The Act ratifies, authorizes, and confirms the WMAT Water Rights Quantification settlement; authorizes the DOI Secretary to execute the and take all necessary action; to authorize appropriations; and, to permanently resolve certain damages and water rights in the general adjudication of the Gila River System and Little CO River System. The provides for: 1) environmental compliance; 2) tribal water rights; 3) CAP reallocation; 4) tribal leasing, distributing, exchanging or allocation of tribal CAP water and receipt of all consideration; 5) other provisions regarding entitlement to and use of CAP water; 6) Reclamation construction of WMAT rural water system; 8) creation of a WMAT Maintenance Fund, WMAT Settlement Fund, Cost Overrun Subaccount, and the conveyance of title to the tribe upon completion; 7) alienation and taxation provisions; 8) creation of a tribal water code; 9) satisfaction of for water rights and injury to water rights on the reservation or off-reservation trust lands; 10) waivers, releases, retention of certain, liability, and immunity provisions; 11) expiration of title; 12) creation of WMAT Water Rights Settlement Subaccount in the Lower CO River Basin Development Fund; 13) secretarial power sites transferred to Tribe or San Carlos Apache Tribe as appropriate; 14) after-acquired trust land and water rights; 15) appropriations and authorizations for federal funding; and, 16) provisions for fish production, rehabilitation of recreational lakes, irrigation systems, water related economic, development projects, protection of forest and watershed health. [Source:|]


Federal Legislation: 10 pages

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