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1982 Act To Authorize the Secretary of the Interior to Construct, Operate, and Maintain Modifications of the Existing Buffalo Bill Dam and Reservoir, Shoshone Project, Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program, Wyoming, and for Other Purposes


Tohono O'odham Nation of Arizona


Tohono O'odham Water Rights Settlement


Tohono O'odham Indian Reservation




Lower Colorado Region


In Re: the General Adjudication of All Rights to Use Water in the Gila River System and Source, WC-07-0002-IR, Superior Court of County of Maricopa, State of Arizona

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Federal Legislation: Title III, Congressional Findings of A 1982 Act To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to construct, operate, and maintain modifications of the existing Buffalo Bill Dam and Reservoir, Shoshone project, Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin program, Wyoming, and for other purposes, PL 97-293, 96 Stat. 1261, 1274 (Oct. 12, 1982). The Bureau of Reclamation shall deliver 27,000 acre feet annually of agricultural water to the San Xavier Reservation and improve and expand the existing irrigation system. The Bureau shall deliver 10,800 acre feet annually of agricultural water to the Schuk Toak District and design and construct an irrigation system for the District. The Bureau shall establish a water management Plan for each area. Funds of $3.5M are authorized for appropriation for construction costs. The Tribe may request a study to determine water sources within a part of the Reservation. The Bureau shall conduct a study to determine the energy requirements and energy available of the projects and the feasibility of construction a solar or other alternative power plant. The Tribe may use groundwater in the amount of 10K acre-feet for San Xavier and to the amount withdrawn in 1980 in the eastern Schuk Toak District. (exclusive of domestic and livestock water in both cases.) A part of the water will come from CAP. If the US is unable to deliver water, it will pay specified damages. Provisions for the acquisition of land, water, water rights contract rights or reclaimed rights. The US will acquire reclaimed water and deliver 23, 000 acre-feet annually of agricultural water to the San Xavier Reservation and 5,200 acre feet annually of agricultural water to the Schuk Toak District, or an equivalent amount from the CAP supply. The Tribe agrees to comply with the Management Plan. The Tribe’s water can be used for any purpose. The Tribe may temporarily sell, exchange, or lease water. The Act also includes Reclamation Reform Act of 1982. [Source:]


Federal legislative amendment: 25-pages.

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