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Claims Resolution Act of 2010, Title V -- Taos Pueblo Indian Water Rights


Pueblo of Taos


Taos Pueblo Water Rights Settlement


Taos Indian Reservation




Rio Grande Basin

HUC Refined

Rio Taos


State of New Mexico et al. v. Abetya et al. and Arellano et al., Nos. 69cv7896 and 69cv7939 consolidated (USDC DCNM)

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Federal Legislation: Claims Resolution Act of 2010, Title V: Taos Pueblo Indian Water Rights Settlement of 2010 (Sec. 501) Parties: Pueblo of Taos, NM, US, Town of Taos, El Prado Water & Sanitation District, Acequia Madre del Rio Lucero y del Arroyo Seco, Acequia Madre del Prado, Acequia del Monte, Acequia Madre del Rio Chiquito, Upper Ranchitos Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Assn, Upper Arroyo Hondo Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Assn, Llano Quemado Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Assn. Federal Legislation to approve, ratify, and confirm the Taos Pueblo Indian Water Rights Settlement; to authorize and direct the Secretary to execute the Settlement and to perform all obligations of the Secretary under the Settlement and this title; and to authorize all actions and appropriations necessary for the USA to meet its obligations under the Settlement and this title. Provides for 1)Taos Pueblo Water Development Fund; 2) Buffalo Pasture protection; 3) on-farm improvements; 4) water and wastewater infrastructure; 5) watershed protection and enhancement; 6) support of Pueblo agriculture, water-related community welfare and economic development; 7) administering Pueblo's water management, rights acquisition, and administration system; 8) appropriation of federal funds; 9) marketing of Pueblo water rights or contract rights; 10) protection of non-Indian water rights and surface water depletions; 11) Reclamation to provide grants to non-Pueblo entities for Mutual Benefit Projects; 12) state and local cost-sharing; contracts re San Juan-Chama Project water; 13) conditions precedent, including the entry of the final decree; 14) waivers and immunity; 15) environmental compliance; and 16) an expiration date. [Source:|]


Claims Resolution Act of 2010 - 103 pages, Taos Settlement Act - 13 pages.

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