Ak-Chin - Akimel O'odham, Ak-Chin - Tohono O'odham, Ak-Chin - Hia-Ced O'odham


Ak Chin Indian Community of the Maricopa (Ak Chin) Indian Reservation


Ak-Chin Water Rights Settlement


Maricopa Indian Reservation


Maricopa Indian Reservation




Lower Colorado Region

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Lower Colorado

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Federal Legislation: Ak-Chin Water Use Act of 1984 (PL 98-530, 98 Stat. 2698) An Act to formalize 1983 in Principle for Revised Ak-Chin Water Settlement between Ak-Chin Indian Community and Department of Interior to revisions of July 28, 1978 (PL 95-328; 92 Stat. 409.) In exchange for USA delivering a permanent supply by January 1, 1988, Community released USA from its commitment to supply an interim supply and agreed to reduced deliveries of permanent supply under certain conditions (75,000 a/f on average but up to 85,000 in good years and low as 72,000 in bad ones). The Secretary will supply all necessary power plants, aqueducts and facilities necessary to deliver water at no cost to the Tribe. If facilities not complete by Jan. 1, 1988, Secretary will pay damages equaling cost of water not delivered up to 35,000 a/f as well as cost of operating reservation wells up to 40,000 a/f. If problems persist by Jan. 1, 1989, Secretary will pay for up to 72-75,000 a/f. Water source includes 50,000 a/f from CO River. Secretary expected to give tribe 17 million dollars in 1984-85 and $1.4 million in 1987. also provides funding pursuant to appropriations. also amends Section 311 of Southern AZ Water Rights Settlement of 1982 (96 Stat. 1283). [Source:]


Federal Legislation amending 1978 Act: 6 pages.

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