Alternative Title

Navajo-Utah Water Rights Settlement Act


Navajo Nation


Navajo Nation (Arizona, New Mexico and Utah)


Navajo Utah Water Rights Settlement


Reservation of the Navajo Nation


Navajo Indian Reservation




Upper Colorado Region

Document Type

Federal legislation


United States

Publication Date



The purposes of this section are: (1) to achieve a fair, equitable, and final settlement of all claims to water rights in the State of Utah for (A) the Navajo Nation and (B) the United States, for the benefit of the Nation; (2) to authorize, ratify, and confirm the agreement entered into by the Nation and the State, to the extent that the agreement is consistent with this section; (3) to authorize and direct the Secretary (A) to execute the agreement and (B) to take any actions necessary to carry out the agreement in accordance with this section; and (4) to authorize funds necessary for the implementation of the agreement and this section.


Federal legislation asserting the Navajo Nation’s right to use water from water sources located within Utah and adjacent to or encompassed within the boundaries of the Reservation resulting in depletions not to exceed 81,500 acre-feet annually and establishing the ‘‘Navajo Utah Settlement Trust Fund’’ to (A) plan, design, and construct Navajo water development projects ($198,300,000) and (B) operate, maintain, and replace Navajo water development projects ($11,100,000).


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