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Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act (WIIN Act); Water Resources Development Act of 2016; Title III, Natural Resources; Subtitle F, Miscellaneous Provisons, Sec. 3608, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and the Chickasaw Nation Water Settlement Blackfeet Water Rights Settlement Act


Chickasaw Nation, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma


State of Oklahoma, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Chickasaw Nation & City of Oklahoma City Water Rights Settlement


Chickasaw Nation Tribal Jurisdictional Area, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Tribal Jurisdictional Area




Arkansas-White-Red Region


Chickasaw Nation, Choctaw Nation v. Fallin et al., CIV 11-927 (W.D. Ok.); OWRB v. United States, et al. CIV 12–275 (W.D. Ok.)

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Federal legislation


United States

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Federal Legislation; Parties: Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Chickasaw Nation, City of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. Purposes, pp 169-170; Definitions, pp. 170-2; Approval of Settlement Agreement, pp. 172-3; Approval of Amended Storage Contract & 1974 Storage Contract, pp.173-5; Settlement Area Waters, pp. 175-7; City Permit for Appropriation of Surface Water from the Kiamichi River, p. 177; Settlement Commission, pp. 177-8; Waivers and Releases of Claims, pp. 178-183; Enforceability Date, pp. 183-5; Jurisdiction, Waivers of Immunity for Interpretation and Enforcement, pp. 185-6; Disclaimers, pp. 186-7. [Source: Government Printing Office]


Winn Act - 227 pages. Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and Chickasaw Nation Water Rights Settlement Act - 19 pages, Sec. 3608, pages 170-188.

Choctaw & Chickasaw Settlement Area Map.docx (360 kB)
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma & Chickasaw Nation Settlement Area map

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