Navajo Nation (Arizona, New Mexico and Utah)


Navajo Nation Water Rights Settlement


Navajo Indian Reservation




Upper Colorado Region

HUC Refined

San Juan River Basin


State of New Mexico v. United States, No. AB-07-001, cv-1975-00184,11th Judicial District of San Juan County, New Mexico

Document Type

Post-settlement court orders/ decree


11th Judicial District, San Juan County, State of New Mexico

Publication Date



Partial Final Decree of the Water Rights of the Navajo Nation: Parties: Navajo Nation, NM, New Mexico, USA, United States.


1. Jurisdiction, p.2; 2. Reserved Rights to the Use of Water p.2; 3. Reserved Rights for Specified Surface Water Diversions p.2, including a) Navajo Indian Irrigation Project, p.3, b) Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project, p.3; c) Animas-La Plata Project, p.4; d) Municipal and Domestic Uses, p.4; e) Hogback-Cudei Irrigation Project, p.4; f) Fruitland-Cambridge Irrigation Project p.5; 4. Supplemental Carriage Water, p.6; 5. Conditions, p.7; 6. Diversions for Navajo-Gallup Project Uses in Arizona, p.17; 7. Groundwater Rights, p.18; 8. Hydrographic Survey – Reserved Rights, p.24; 9. Water Rights Acquired Under State Law, p.25; 10. De Minimis Uses, p.26; 11. Allottees, p.27; 12. Limitations, p.27; 13. Disclaimers, p.28; 14. Jurisdiction After Entry of Decree, p.29; 15. Metering of Water Uses, p.29; 16. Records of Water Use, p.31; 17. Administration, p.32; 18. Notice, p.39; 19. San Juan – Chama Project, p.40; 20. Supplemental Decrees p.40; 21. Incorporation of Settlement Agreement; 22. Revocability, p.41. [Source:]


Navajo Nation Partial Final Decree. 42 pages.


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