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Veterans face challenges accessing services at the VA and UNM


Veterans face challenges accessing services at the VA and UNM

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Navigating college for most new students can be daunting, but for veterans returning from the current conflicts of Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom re-entering society and campus life can present its own unique challenges. The United States Veterans Affairs website's section on Returning Service Members (OEF/OIF) is dedicated to providing information from healthcare, employment, family support services and education. In addition to the website, the VA is also utilizing social media such as Facebook and Twitter to connect and outreach to veterans. At the University of New Mexico, the Veterans Resource Center assists student veterans in all areas of higher education, from navigating the University system to graduation and obtaining their educational and career goals. While numerous resources are available to veterans, often such services can be under utilized and sometimes difficult to access, whether it is the VA or the University systems. Dawn of Nations Today reporters Aundrea D. Jackson and Mandy G. Hernandez interviewed veteran students from the Veterans Resource Center on why some veterans do not utilize the services available to them. Levi Barr is 24 years old and served in the Navy during the current conflicts. He is student working at the center and is pursing an engineering degree. Brenda Reyes is 19 years old and served in the National Guard. She is a freshman majoring in exercise science. Andrew Stutz, 25-years-old, served in the Army and is prospective student for the Fall of 2012


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Veterans face challenges accessing services at the VA and UNM