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My composition portfolio includes four different pieces of music which reflect my study at the University of New Mexico. The first piece, Fester, is a piece for electric trombone and fixed media. The focus is placed on the harmonics which can be manipulated when a trombone is played through two effects pedals. The second piece entitled Invictus is composed for a male vocal ensemble with a vibraphone accompaniment. This piece is based on the poem of the same name by William Ernest Henley. There are three movements which make up the piece. The first movement contains the poem in its full form with the Invictus motive used extensively. The second movement starts to transform the motive as well as add non singing whisper lines. The third movement has little tonal lines outside of the vibraphone and focuses on rhythm and dynamics. String Theory is the third piece in the portfolio. This piece is in three movements. It is a string sextet broken into two trios. The music is intended to mimic sound waves and create a stereo effect of sound between the two trios. The final piece, This Too, Shall Pass, is a one movement composition for a high school or college symphonic band.

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Department of Music

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Obermueller, Karola

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Obermueller, Karola

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Gilbert, Peter

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Barlow, C.K.




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