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Bryan Kaiser

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High-order zero-pressure-gradient turbulent boundary layer statistics are important for turbulence modeling efforts and insight into the nature of turbulent flow. In this thesis, a complete database of third-, fourth-, and fifth-order central velocity moments is presented. The statistics were extracted from flow field data from a finely resolved direct numerical simulation by the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Fluid Dynamics Group. Fourth-order moment interrelations formed by invoking Millionshtchikov's hypothesis of quasinormality and fifth-order moment interrelations formed by utilizing truncated Gram-Charlier series expansions of the marginals of the joint probability density function of the flow are presented. Reasonable agreement was found for most of the moment interrelations. Flow visualizations using the Q criterion are also presented.


turbulence, boundary layers, turbulent structures, moderate Reynolds number, high-order moments

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Truman, Randall

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Vorobieff, Peter

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Appelo, Daniel


A part of the material presented here is based upon work supported by National Aeronautics and Space Administration under award NNX12AJ61A and by the Junior Faculty University of New Mexico - Los Alamos National Laboratory Collaborative Research Grant.

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