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The problem of planar shock interaction with gas cylinders whose axis of symmetry is parallel to the plane of the shock has been well studied both experimentally and numerically, and in this case, the flow evolution driven by Richtmyer-Meshkov instability is well characterized (although, as this thesis shows, assumptions commonly made about the experimental conditions need to be carefully checked). However, for a similar oblique interaction, with the plane of the shock and the axis of the density interface being non-parallel, presently only numerical results exist. The problem of oblique shock interaction is quite interesting to study experimentally both because of a variety of relevant applications and because it adds large-scale three-dimensionality to the initial conditions. Additionally, there is a considerable interest in the problem of shock interaction with particulates, droplets, and bioagents suspended in gas. Here we describe an experimental arrangement for the studies of planar and oblique shocks and present some preliminary results.


Gas dynamics, Shock waves, Multiphase flow, Shock tubes, Biological decontamination.

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Vorobieff, Peter

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Mammoli, Andrea


Defense Threat Reduction Agency

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