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This study involves the determination of the temperature and stress distributions produced in long circumferentially symmetric circular cylinders cooled by emission of thermal radiation from the lateral surface. Temperature and strain responses obtained from an experimental model are presented for a set of parameters which correspond to the highest strain level which could be accurately determined with the strain gages. These responses are in good agreement with the results obtained by solution of an appropriate mathematical model. Temperature responses obtained from the same model, but having a higher initial temperature, are also presented and compared with analytical results. Reasonably good agreement between experimental and theoretical results was obtained for this set of parameters. To specify parameters in the mathematical model, certain material properties were needed. Testing to determine thermal conductivity using a transient technique is described. The lateral surface of the model was coated with Krylon Flat Black Spray Enamel to increase the cooling rates, and therefore the stress levels obtained. Testing to determine the value of total hemispherical emittance is also described. Testing to determine gage factor and false strain was performed to determine these characteristics when the strain gages were embedded in the modelling material.

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Maurice Wilbert Wildin

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