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This study involves the determination of the transient temperature distribution and thermal stresses in a solid circular cylinder cooled by thermal radiation. The analytical solutions are presented in dimensionless form. Theoretical results are shown for temperature distribution and thermal stresses in the nondimensional form. Certain of these results are given in the dimensional form for the model cylinder used in this investigation.

The uranium-zirconium prototype element was thought to be undesirable for this investigation. Therefore, similitude was used to select a model which could be used for the experimental work. A solid, cylindrical, epoxy model was constructed, and thermocouples were embedded in the cylinder to determine the temperature distribution. Strain gages were to be embedded in the cylinder to determine the thermal stresses; however, a gage has not been found which is temperature compensated for the epoxy material.

Mechanical equipment was acquired or built for the experi­mental investigation, and included: a vacuum apparatus; a liquid-nitrogen-cooled heat sink: a collapsible cylindrical heater and shields; the framework to support the model and the heater and shields; and two mylar-coated, chromium radiation shields. This equipment was tested successfully where required.

Some of the thermocouples for the experiment were calibrated using two calibration points. The ionization gage in the vacuum system was calibrated at one point using a McCleod gage.

A test was set up to determine the emissivity and thermal conductivity of the epoxy material using a small test cylinder made of epoxy and instrumented with thermocouples. The results of this test appeared to be of doubtful use due to uncertainty in the thermocouple readings. The thermocouples require an accurate calibration to improve the experimental results for this test.

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