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The research examines the application of extremum seeking control (ESC) algorithms to ground station antenna pointing for extremely high frequency (EHF) communication systems. ESC algorithms search for local maxima or minima by locating where an objective function gradient goes to zero. With wireless communication expanding into higher frequencies, the ground station pointing requirement is increasing. ESC presents a method which utilizes available equipment and information to perform ground station pointing. Additionally, ESC algorithms do not rely on assumptions or approximations needed for other techniques. The dissertation demonstrates ESC algorithm feasibility for the ground station pointing problem, benchmarks the ESC algorithms against an accepted approach, and compares the ESC algorithms’ performance. The conical scan (CONSCAN) technique is used as a baseline comparison. Comparisons are performed through simulation and laboratory experiments. A laboratory system was built to perform the experimentation. The results demonstrate the potential of the proposed algorithms.


Extremum Seeking Control, Antenna Pointing, Optimization

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Dr. Claus Danielson

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Dr. Steven Lane

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Dr. Christos Christodoulou

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Dr. John Russell

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