Mechanical Engineering ETDs

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Summer 8-1-2022


This research focuses on a new piezoelectrically driven Micro Electromechanical Systems based vibrating mesh atomizer that generates the pressure differential required for droplet ejection or spray production using frequency resonances in the 100 kHz range. This study involves device construction and experimental characterization to comprehend the device's operation and the influence of various factors on its performance and determine the limitations of a range of working fluids to atomize.

A novel approach to integrating polymer-based micro heaters with a vibrating mesh atomizer as a monolithic component is presented to expand the range of working liquids for the MEMS device. The enhanced MEMS vibrating mesh atomizer with microheater can operate with viscosities up to 28cP, which is nine times more than the threshold of 3cPs for the independent device. The innovative integrated atomizer device enables new applications in several sectors.


Micro Electromechanical systems, Droplet distribution, Vibrating mesh atomizer, Piezoelectric, Microfabrication, Atomizers

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Nathan Jackson

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Matthias Pleil

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Matthew Campen

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Daniel Banuti

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