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Spring 4-9-2021


Much research has gone into determining stress fields of dislocation, as the understanding of dislocations is fundamental to understanding metal or crystal plasticity. In this thesis, the stress field of a rectangular dislocation loop in an infinite isotropic solid is developed for a Volterra-type dislocation with three non-zero Burgers vector components. Also, the stress and strain fields of a rectangular dislocation loop in an isotropic solid, which is a semi-infinite medium, are obtained here for a Volterra-type dislocation. Moreover, analytical and numerical verifications of the developed stress/strain fields are performed. This is done by ensuring the satisfaction of the equilibrium equations and the strain compatibility equations. The results of this paper add to the knowledge base of elastic fields of dislocation loops and has its own application.


Rectangular dislocation loop, infinite and semi-infinite meida, elastic field, verificaiton

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Tariq Khraishi

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Yu-Lin Shen

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Pankaj Kumar

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