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Summer 7-15-2022


In this thesis, I document the design, testing and performance of a novel Expanded-Range Venturi Flow Meter (ERVFM) concept. The ERVFM combines two, parallel-configured Venturi Flow Meters (VFM) with a Solid-State Selector Valve (SSSV). The goal was to create a reliable, high-turndown ratio flow meter which directs the fluid to either Venturi tube using the inherent pressure drop of the SSSV, and without moving parts. I constructed a pumped-fluid loop test-setup and quantified the ERVFM’s performance through pressure loss and mass flow rate measurements. In addition, I used python to develop models to assist in prototype design and data-processing. My results indicate that the SSSV does exhibit a switching phenomenon and further work is needed to make its performance more robust and definitively determine whether the system's turndown ratio improves upon existing Venturi-based meters.


3D Printing, Valve, Reliability, Venturi Flow Meter

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Dr. Daniel Banuti

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Dr. Peter Vorobieff

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Dr. Patrick Wayne


Jon Allison, Air Force Research Labs, KAFB

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