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Spring 4-30-2020


The control of complex networks is an emerging field yet it has already garnered interest from across the scientific disciplines, from robotics to sociology. It has quickly been noticed that many of the classical techniques from controls engineering, while applicable, are not as illuminating as they were for single systems of relatively small dimension. Instead, properties borrowed from graph theory provide equivalent but more practical conditions to guarantee controllability, reachability, observability, and other typical properties of interest to the controls engineer when dealing with large networked systems. This manuscript covers three topics investigated in detail by the author: (i) the role of the choice of target nodes (system outputs) on the control effort, (ii) creating and analyzing graphs with symmetry, and (iii) the relationship between graph structural properties and control effort.


Networks, Optimization, Control, Optimal Control

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Francesco Sorrentino

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Meeko Oishi

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Marios Pattichis

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John Russell

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Christopher Hall

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