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Stress-intensity factors, K, are obtained at the tips of radial cracks emanating from the boundary of an internal circular fastener hole in a plate loaded by a pin or rivet that just fills the hole and is pulled in the negative y-direction, in the plane of the plate. Solutions are obtained in a conformally mapped region in the form of series for different crack lengths and are based on the Muskhelishvili formulation in the two-dimensional theory of elasticity. The method presents a general technique for determining K for k symmetrically located radial cracks of equal length for a wide variety of boundary tractions. Tractions on the crack edges, both concentrated and distributed, fall within the scope of this method.

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Youn-Chang Hsu

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Frederick Dsuin Ju

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James A. Ellison

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Howard J. Schreyer

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