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Summer 5-2017


Analytic solutions for the plastic region surrounding a crack tip are derived under mixed mode I/II and mixed mode I/II/III loading conditions for an elastic-plastic solid with a semi-infinite crack. Both the Von Mises and Tresca yield criteria are applied. Additionally, plane stress and plane strain assumptions are included when applicable. The results show a strong dependence on the ratio of the stress intensity factors for each loading mode. It is shown that the plastic zone area given by the Tresca yield criterion is larger than that given by the Von Mises yield criterion. Lastly, it is investigated whether or not there is a correlation between the crack initiation angle predicted by the R-criterion (Khan and Khraisheh (2004)) and the principal stress directions.


Plastic Zone, Mixed Mode, Analytic Solutions, Cracks

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Tariq Khraishi

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Yu-Lin Shen

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Mehran Tehrani

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