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Summer 6-13-2017


Viscoelasticity is the property of materials that exhibits both viscous and elastic characteristics when undergoing deformation. In polymeric materials, the mechani- cal behavior is dominated by this viscoelastic phenomenon. Creating computational models for these materials can be quite complicated due to their frequency depen- dent and temperature dependent material properties. The research presented in this paper will use state of the art methods to fully develop a material model for a filled polydimethylsiloxane-polydiphenynlsiloxane (PDMS/PDPS) copolymer foam that has yet to be characterized. Mechanical properties of PDMS/PDPS copoly- mers are currently being studied to assess engineering performance, and to provide accurate models that can be used to gain a fundamental understanding of the ma- terial behavior. The properties for this material have been measured using multiple experiments. All of the parameters required to populate the Simplified Potential Energy Clock (SPEC) model were measured. The SPEC model can now be used to accurately predict the behavior of the material under different shock and loading environments.


Viscoelastic, Polymer, Modeling

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Professor Yu-Lin Shen

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Professor Walter Gerstle

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Dr.Ryan Jamison

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