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Spring 4-14-2017


Currently there are limitations in computing chatter behavior of small electrical contacts embedded in components using finite element models. Reduced order models (ROM) have been developed of such electrical contact sub-assemblies to assess the chatter behavior of the contacts during vibration and shock environments. The current ROM method requires experimental validation. This ROM also neglects the damping effects of the viscous fluid that typically surrounds such sub-assemblies. Dynamic ring-down testing of the electrical contacts in air was performed and will provide a validation data set for the current ROM. Additionally, dynamic ring-down testing of the electrical contact was performed in fluids of varying viscosities that will help characterize the effect of the fluid on the contact for an improved ROM.


Model Validation, Structural Dynamics, Fluid Effects on Structures, Piezo actuation, Laser Doppler Vibrometry, Small Structures

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Dr. John J Russell

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Dr. Yu-Lin Shen

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Dr. Jill C Blecke


Sandia National Laboratories

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