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Summer 8-8-1961


This paper investigates the validity of extending the concepts of shell theory to transient thermoelastic problems involving moderately thick-walled shells. The region of study is a moderately thick-walled cylinder which is constrained radially at both ends and is exposed to a uniform, time-dependent heating (or cooling) at one end. The cylinder walls are assumed to be adiabatic, and inertia effects are neglected in the development.

It is concluded from the results of this investigation that the extension of shell theory to moderately thick-walled cylindrical regions subjected to axial, time-dependent temperature variations is an analytical method of approach.


Transient Thermal Stresses, Shell Theory, Cylindrical Shells, Kirchhoff-Love Assumption, Thermal Shock

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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R.C. Dove

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