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Cody Williams

Publication Date

Fall 12-17-2016


Settling tests were performed on particles of NUKON fiberglass to relate the drag coefficient of the particles to the Reynolds number of the particles. A new method was developed to measure fiberglass particles. The projected area, projected perimeter, and average height of the particles are measured using this method. The measurements are used to calculate the measured drag coefficient and measured Reynolds number for the particles. Data collected was compared to previous studies that focused on the settling of sand grains. A predictive correlation that was developed for sand grains was applied towards the particles of fiberglass. Tests were run with dyed particles of fiberglass as a means of flow visualization. The results from these visualization tests were compared with results from the free settling of disks.


settling velocity, drag coefficient, GSI-191, particle measurment, NUKON, fiberglass, particle settling

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Shen, Yu-Lin

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Blandford, Edward

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Howe, Kerry

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Razani, Arsalan

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