Mechanical Engineering ETDs

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Fall 12-17-2016


Successful object insertion systems allow the object to translate and rotate to accommodate contact forces. Compliant controllers are used in robotics to provide this accommodation. The impedance compliant controller is one of the more researched and well known compliant controllers used for assembly. The velocity filtered visual impedance controller is introduced as a compliant controller to improve upon the impedance controller. The velocity filtered impedance controller introduces a filter of the velocity impedance and a gain from the stiffness. The velocity impedance controller was found to be more stable over larger ranges of stiffness values than the position based impedance controller. This led to the velocity impedance controller being more accurate and stable with respect to external forces. The velocity impedance controller was also found to have a better compliant response when tested on various insertion geometries in various configurations, including a key insertion acting against gravity. Finally, a novel kinetic friction cone compliance model is introduced for the velocity impedance controller. It was determined that the new compliance model provided a more reliable insertion than the standard insertion model by increasing the error tolerance for failure.


Robotics, Controls

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Lumia, Ron

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Fierro, Rafael

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Bishop, Joseph

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