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The World Within us: Some new findings in nonlinear collective dynamics

Florentin Smarandache, University of New Mexico
Victor Christianto, Satyabhakti Advanced School of Theology - Jakarta Chapter, Indonesia


Recalling my submitted dissertation draft back then around 2008, at the time, my graduate problem was not completed in RUDN. And even after some months to listen many lectures by Professor Vladimir Kassandrov et al, I did not know how to improve my thesis draft. Other than that, there were other problems occurring at the time which made me deciding to back home. Over these years, Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit taught me many things that I never learned before, and therefore I felt time has come to reconsider my doctoral program. This time it is not about cosmology only but covering several fields including psychosynthesis and also economics theorizing. The title of proposed dissertation is something like: “Some new findings in nonlinear collective dynamics associated with psychosynthesis, socio-economics and cosmology theorizing.” Enclosed are a book adapted from that dissertation, hopefully you may find this manuscript useful either to improve organization performance or to understand better some collective phenomena around you. Your comments are welcome.

Thanks for reading this book and may God be with you.

17th August, 2018