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Spring 2-2018


Thank you for picking up an uncompromising and unconventional book like this. This book is a compilation of some rather old papers and some new papers, by myself and also Prof. Florentin Smarandache.1 In some papers, we also join working with other colleagues, e.g. Dr. Volodymyr Krasnoholovets from IOP Ukraine, Sergey Ershkov (MSU, Moscow), and Dr. Yunita Umniyati. This compilation is inspired from a discussion with Minister Dr. Robby Chandra. Yes, we chose the title: “Let the wind blow” as these words contain multiple meanings:

- to let the wave physics to flow freely including in energy research, medicine etc.

- to let the Spirit to pour on everyone...

The message of this book is quite simple: we wish return a healthy dose of "realism" and “wave only” physics back into modern sciences. And if that will require us to debunk quantum mechanics and relativity, so be it. And that is the theme of our book.


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gravitation, cosmology, early universe, energy, medicine, electromagnetic

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