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This book has four parts. In the first part, we collected five recent papers, published before in Progress in Physics, but reviewed. In the first paper, we approach a novel form of plasma, Unmatter Plasma. The electron-positron beam plasma was generated in the laboratory in the beginning of 2015. This experimental fact shows that unmatter, a new form of matter that is formed by matter and antimatter bind together (mathematically predicted a decade ago) really exists. That is the electron-positron plasma experiment of 2015 is the experimentum crucis verifying the mathematically predicted unmatter. In the second paper, we generalize the Lorentz Contraction Factor for the case when the lengths are moving at an oblique angle with respect to the motion direction, and show that the angles of the moving relativistic objects are distorted. In the third paper, using the Oblique-Length Contraction Factor, which is a generalization of Lorentz Contraction Factor, we show several trigonometric relations between distorted and original angles of moving object lengths in the Special Theory of Relativity.


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unmatter plasma, special relativity, oblique-length contraction factor, neutrosophic degree of paradoxity, Neutrosophic Logic, neutrosophic diagram

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