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Winter 12-2005


In this work the authors apply concepts of Neutrosophic Logic to the General Theory of Relativity to obtain a generalisation of Einstein’s fourdimensional pseudo-Riemannian differentiable manifold in terms of Smarandache Geometry (Smarandache manifolds), by which new classes of relativistic particles and non-quantum teleportation are developed. Fundamental features of Neutrosophic Logic are its denial of the Law of Excluded Middle, and open (or estimated) levels of truth, falsity and indeterminancy. Both Neutrosophic Logic and Smarandache Geometry were invented some years ago by one of the authors (F. Smarandache). The application of these purely mathematical theories to General Relativity reveals hitherto unknown possibilities for Einstein’s theory. The issue of how closely the new theoretical possibilities account for physical phenomena, and indeed the viability of the concept of a fourdimensional space-time continuum itself as a fundamental model of Nature, must of course be explored by experiment.

December 2005 Stephen J. Crothers


Hexis Publishers



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relativity, general relativity, neutrosophic Physics, gravitation

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