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The reader will find herein a collection of unsolved problems in mathematics and the physical sciences. Theoretical and experimental domains have each been given consideration. The authors have taken a liberal approach in their selection of problems and questions, and have not shied away from what might otherwise be called speculative, in order to enhance the opportunities for scientific discovery. Progress and development in our knowledge of the structure, form and function of the Universe, in the true sense of the word, its beauty and power, and its timeless presence and mystery, before which even the greatest intellect is awed and humbled, can spring forth only from an unshackled mind combined with a willingness to imagine beyond the boundaries imposed by that ossified authority by which science inevitably becomes, as history teaches us, barren and decrepit. Revealing the secrets of Nature, so that we truly see ‘the sunlit plains extended, and at night the wondrous glory of the everlasting stars’*, requires far more than mere technical ability and mechanical dexterity learnt form books and consensus. The dustbin of scientific history is replete with discredited consensus and the grand reputations of erudite reactionaries. Only by boldly asking questions, fearlessly, despite opposition, and searching for answers where most have not looked for want of courage and independence of thought, can one hope to discover for one’s self. From nothing else can creativity blossom and grow, and without which the garden of science can only aspire to an overpopulation of weeds.


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mathematics, gravitation, physics, electrodynamics, mechanics

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