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This book includes 21 papers written by 23 authors and co-authors. All papers included herein are produced by scholars from People’s Republic of China, except two papers written by Prof. L. Sapogin, V. A. Dzhanibekov, Yu. A. Ryabov from Russia, and by Prof. Florentin Smarandache from USA. The editors hope that all these papers will contribute to the advance of scholarly research on several aspects of Special and General Relativity. This book is suitable for students and scholars interested in studies on physics. The first paper is written by Hua Di. He writes that Einstein’s general theory of relativity cannot explain the perihelion motion of Mercury. Einstein’s explanation, based on wrong integral calculus and arbitrary approximations, is a complete failure. The following paper is written by Li Zifeng. His paper reviews basic hypotheses and viewpoints of space-time relationship in Special Relativity; analyzes derivation processes and the mistakes in the Lorentz transformation and Einstein’s original paper. The transformation between two coordinate systems moving uniformly relatively to another is established. It is shown that Special Relativity based upon the Lorentz transformation is not correct, and that the relative speed between two objects can be faster than the speed of light. The next paper is written by Li Wen-Xiu. His paper presents problems with the special theory of relativity (STR), including: (1) The principle of relativity as interpreted by Einstein conflicts with the uniqueness of the universe. (2) The light principle conflicts with the notion that natural phenomena depend only upon mutual interaction and the involved relative motion. The principle contains a tacit assumption that leads to self-contradiction.


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