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Paradoxist Distiches

Florentin Smarandache, University of New Mexico


Founder of Paradoxism, in which he organically connects heterogenic elements from the knowledge fields, Florentin Smarandache proposes a new species of poetry; paradoxist distich is a two-line lyric, in which the two verses are antithetic to each other, but together combine in a whole defining (or making connection with) the title. Many poems, from this volume (completely different in form and content from what was written until now),collected and processed from the folklore, or created, are memorable indeed: ATHEIST // Faithful / In his lack of faith. SOLUTION // It is done ? Can't do this (!) JET PLANE // So smoothly flying... / As if it stays put.

In addition, the author makes also up creation formulae (eh, because of his … mathematical deformation!) in , which is, in fact, an article of literary history theory, that includes also The Fourth Paradoxist Manifesto.