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Caution: I Drive Like You Do! (Collection of American Paradoxist Folklore)

Florentin Smarandache, University of New Mexico


I have collected this beautiful American Folklore - under the form of aphorisms - from car plates, from various anonymous postings, from expressions heard in my discussions, from e-mails received, etc.

Computer jokes, life taken upside-down, job related reflections, family connections, inside-out clichés of language, and so on.

They are in a paradoxist style, or close, and full of humor…

Some of them are cascading Murphy’s Laws (pessimistically), others are opposite - like Peter’s Laws (optimistically), or both (pessimistically and optimistically) like Florentin's Laws.

Their sweetness smiles in the face of adversity, full of irony and auto-irony.

I hope readers will enjoy them.

See a few nice examples from the book text: “I think, therefore I’m single”, “Life is short, break some rules”, or “Black Holes are Where God Divided by Zero”!