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In this book we present our 1972 hypothesis that there is no speed barrier in the universe and one can construct arbitrary speeds -

thus refuting the speed of light postulate.

While Einstein considered a relative space and relative time but the ultimate speed

of light, we do the opposite: we consider an absolute time and absolute space but no

ultimate speed, and we call it the Absolute Theory of Relativity (ATR). The ATR has no time dilation, no length contraction, no relativity of simultaneity, and no relativistic paradoxes.

We then parameterize Einstein’s thought experiment with atomic clocks,

supposing that we know neither if the space and time are relative or absolute, nor if the

speed of light is ultimate speed or not. We obtain a Parameterized Special Theory of

Relativity (PSTR). Our PSTR generalizes not only Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity,

but also our ATR, and introduces three more possible Relativities to be studied in the


Afterwards, we extend our research considering not only constant velocities but

constant accelerations too.

Eventually we propose a Noninertial Multirelativity for the same thought experiment, i.e. considering non-constant accelerations and arbitrary 3D-curves.



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Special Theory of Relativity, Absolute Theory of Relativity, absolute time, absolute space, Noninertial Multirelativity

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