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Following the Special Theory of Relativity, Florentin Smarandache generalized the Lorentz Contraction Factor to an Oblique-Contraction Factor, which gives the contraction factor of the lengths moving at an oblique angle with respect to the motion direction. He also proved that relativistic moving bodies are distorted, and he computed the Angle-Distortion Equations.

He then showed several paradoxes, inconsistencies, contradictions, and anomalies in the Theory of Relativity.

According to the author, not all physical laws are the same in all inertial reference frames, and he gives several counter-examples. He also supports superluminal speeds, and he considers that the speed of light in vacuum is variable depending on the moving reference frame. Space and time are absolute (universal), and separated from each other. Lorentz contraction and Minkovski’s metric are unrealistic.

The author explains that the redshift and blueshift are not entirely due to the Doppler Effect, but also to the Medium Gradient and Refraction Index (which are determined by the medium composition: i.e. its physical elements, electric/magnatic/gravitational fields, density, heterogeneity, properties, etc.).

He considers that the space is not curved and the light near massive cosmic bodies bends not because of the gravity only as the General Theory of Relativity asserts (Gravitational Lensing), but because of the Medium Lensing (due to its composition and structure).

In order to make the distinction between “clock” and “time”, he suggests a first experiment with a different clock type for the GPS clocks, for proving that the resulted dilation and contraction factors are different from those obtained with the cesium atomic clock; and a second experiment with different medium compositions for proving that different degrees of redshifts/blushifts will produce different degrees of medium lensing.



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General Theory of Relativity, Medium Gradient and Refraction Index, not all physical laws are the same in all inertial reference frames