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Algebraic codes play a signiÖcant role in the minimization of data corruption which caused by defects such as inference, noise channel, crosstalk, and packet lost. In this paper, we introduced soft codes (soft linear codes) through the application of soft sets which is an approximated collection of codes. We also discussed several types of soft codes such as type-1 soft codes, complete soft codes etc. The innovative idea of soft codes is advantageous, for it can simultaneously transmit n-distinct messages to n-set of receivers. Further this new technique makes use of bi-matrices or to be more general uses the concept of n-matrices. Certainly this notion will save both time and economy. Moreover, we develop two techniques for the decoding of soft codes. At the end, we present a soft communication process and develop a model for this soft communication process. The distinctions and comparison of soft linear codes and linear codes are also presented.

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Code, linear code, generator matrix, parity check matrix, soft set, soft code, generator bimatrix, generator n-matrix, parity check bimatrix, parity check n-matrix

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