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The fourth volume, in my book series of “Collected Papers”, includes 100 published and unpublished articles, notes, (preliminary) drafts containing just ideas to be further investigated, scientific souvenirs, scientific blogs, project proposals, small experiments, solved and unsolved problems and conjectures, updated or alternative versions of previous papers, short or long humanistic essays, letters to the editors - all collected in the previous three decades (1980-2010) – but most of them are from the last decade (2000-2010), some of them being lost and found, yet others are extended, diversified, improved versions. This is an eclectic tome of 800 pages with papers in various fields of sciences, alphabetically listed, such as: astronomy, biology, calculus, chemistry, computer programming codification, economics and business and politics, education and administration, game theory, geometry, graph theory, information fusion, neutrosophic logic and set, non-Euclidean geometry, number theory, paradoxes, philosophy of science, psychology, quantum physics, scientific research methods, and statistics. It was my preoccupation and collaboration as author, co-author, translator, or cotranslator, and editor with many scientists from around the world for long time. Many topics from this book are incipient and need to be expanded in future explorations.


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information fusion, neutrosophic theories, statistics, quantum physics, non-Euclidean geometry