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This study is circumscribed to the Information Science. The zetetic aim of research is double: a) to define the concept of action of informational processing and b) to design a taxonomy of actions of informational processing. First, the investigation trays to demonstrate that the computational actions of informational processing or the informational actions are computational-investigative configurations for structuring information: clusters of highly-aggregated operations which are carried out in a unitary manner operate convergently and behave like a unique computational device. From a methodological point of view, they are comprised within the category of analytical instruments for the informational processing of raw material, of data, of vague, confused, unstructured informational elements. As internal articulation, the actions are patterns for the integrated carrying out of operations of informational investigation. Secondly, we propose an inventory and a description of five basic informational actions: exploring, grouping, anticipation, schematization, inferential structuring. We would like to continue with further and future investigation of the relationship between operations, actions, strategies and mechanisms of informational processing.


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Information Processing and Management

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information, communication, actions, computational actions, informational processing

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