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Unification of Art Theories (UAT), =composed, found, changed, modified, altered, graffiti, polyvalent art=

Florentin Smarandache, University of New Mexico


Unification of Art Theories (UAT), proposed by the author, considers that every artist should employ - in producing an artwork – ideas, theories, styles, techniques and procedures of making art borrowed from various artists, teachers, schools of art, movements throughout history,

but combined with new ones invented, or adopted from any knowledge field (science in special, literature, etc.), by the artist himself.

The artist can use a multi-structure and multi-space.

The distinction between Eclecticism and Unification of Art Theories (UAT) is that Eclecticism supposed to select among the previous schools and teachers and procedures - while UAT requires not only selecting but also to invent, or adopt from other (non-artistic) fields, new procedures. In this way UAT pushes forward the art development.

Also, UAT has now a larger artistic database to choose from, than the 16-th century Eclecticism, since new movements, art schools, styles, ideas, procedures of making art have been accumulated in the main time.

Like a guide, UAT database should periodically be updated, changed, enlarged with new invented or adopted-from-any-field ideas, styles, art schools, movements, experimentation techniques, artists. It is an open increasing essay to include everything that has been done throughout history.

This album presents a short panorama of commented art theories, together with experimental digital images using adopted techniques from various fields, in order to inspire the actual artists to choose from, and also to invent or adopt new procedures in producing their artworks.