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Neutrosophy (1995) is a new branch of philosophy that studies triads of the form (, , ), where is an entity (i.e., element, concept, idea, theory, logical proposition, etc.), is the opposite of , while is the neutral (or indeterminate) between them, i.e., neither nor [1]. Based on neutrosophy, the neutrosophic triplets were founded; they have a similar form: (x, neut(x), anti(x), that satisfy some axioms, for each element x in a given set [2–4]. This book contains the successful invited submissions [5–56] to a special issue of Symmetry, reporting on state-of-the-art and recent advancements of neutrosophic triplets, neutrosophic duplets, neutrosophic multisets, and their algebraic structures—that have been defined recently in 2016, but have gained interest from world researchers, and several papers have been published in first rank international journals. Thetopicsapproachedinthe52papersincludedinthisbookare: neutrosophicsets; neutrosophic logic; generalized neutrosophic set; neutrosophic rough set; multigranulation neutrosophic rough set (MNRS); neutrosophic cubic sets; triangular fuzzy neutrosophic sets (TFNSs); probabilistic single-valued (interval) neutrosophic hesitant fuzzy set; neutro-homomorphism; neutrosophic computation; quantum computation; neutrosophic association rule; data mining; big data; oracle Turing machines; recursive enumerability; oracle computation; interval number; dependent degree; possibility degree; power aggregation operators; multi-criteria group decision-making (MCGDM); expert set; soft sets; LA-semihypergroups; single valued trapezoidal neutrosophic number; inclusion relation; Q-linguistic neutrosophic variable set; vector similarity measure; cosine measure; Dice measure; Jaccard measure; VIKOR model; potential evaluation; emerging technology commercialization; 2-tuple linguistic neutrosophic sets (2TLNSs); TODIM model; Bonferroni mean; aggregation operator; NC power dual MM (NCPDMM) operator; fault diagnosis; defuzzification; simplified neutrosophic weighted averaging operator; linear and non-linear neutrosophic number; de-neutrosophication methods; neutro-monomorphism; neutro-epimorphism; neutro-automorphism; fundamental neutro-homomorphism theorem; neutro-isomorphism theorem; quasi neutrosophic tripletloop; quasi neutrosophictriplet group; BE-algebra; cloudmodel; Maclaurin symmetricmean; pseudo-BCI algebra; hesitant fuzzy set; photovoltaic plan; decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory (DEMATEL); Choquet integral; fuzzy measure; clustering algorithm; and many more.


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neutrosophic triplet, neutrosophic duplet, neutrosophic multiset