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Neutropsyche is the psychological theory that studies the soul or spirit using the neutrosophy and neutrosohic theories. In other words: Neutrosophic Psychological Theory. It is based on triadic neutrosophic psychological concepts of the form (A, neutA, antiA).

Neutropsychic Personality is a neutrosophic dynamic open psychological system of tendencies to feel, think, and act specific to each individual, based on

Neutrosophic Refined Memory: that restructured the division of memory into: consciousness, aconsciousness (which we introduce as a blend of consciousness and unconsciousness), and unconsciousness. Aconscious was further subdivided into preconscious, subconscious, semiconscious = semiunconscious, subunconscious, and preunconscious.

Within the frame of Neutrosophic Crisp Set (firstly introduced in 2015 by Salama & Smarandache), we model the Neutrosophic Crisp Personality.

While in order to model the Multiple Personality, we introduce the Refined Neutrosophic Crisp Set. Then we present the Diagram of Neutrosophic Body – Soul – Mind Functioning.

In Neutrosophic Psychoanalysis Freud’s „id” (das Es) was renamed „under-ego” for a symmetry connection with „ego” and „super-ego” and a part his Psychoanalysis was extended, while other part rejected (Oedipus Complex, sexuality as main factor, static personality after adolescence, etc.).

Because the psychoanalysis underego, ego, superego interact at all levels and sublevels of the neutrosophic refined memory, they were extended to pluri-underegos, pluri-egos, pluri-superegos since we feel inside simultaneous contradictory and cooperating feelings and thoughts.

In addition to personal and collective unconscious, the group unconscious was introduced. And, analogously the conscious and each sublevel of aconscious were subdivided into: personal, group, and collective.

Besides “Eros” (live) and “Thanatos” (death), we add the amalgamate instinct that has some degree of live and other degree of death that we call “Aóristos” (Gr. indeterminate).

All memories have degrees of conscious (c), acounscious (a), and unconscious (u).

Then the Refined Neutrosophic Trait-antiTrait Diagram was created.

Each individual has a degree of antiTrait and a degree of Trait with respect to each antiTrait-Trait personality pair.

Then two Neutrosophic Single-Valued and respectively Interval-Valued Diagrams were constructed, that were extended to any personality dimension n ≥ 1, where n is the number of antiTrait-Trait pairs.

The degrees of personality change with respect to emotions, thoughts, and behaviors vary upon time, space, circumstances, environment, social interactions, family, learning etc.

Neutrosophic Temperament as a mixture of all four classical temperaments { sanguine (s), choleric (c), melancholic (m), and phlegmatic (p) }, since nobody in the world has a pure classical temperament. Actually, everybody has a degree of each of them: s% sanguine, c% choleric, m% melancholic, and p% phlegmatic. Whichever is the highest among s, c, m, p, that’s the person’s frequent classical temperament style.

The Trait Personality manifests a Neutrosophic Evolution: with Degrees of Evolution, Indeterminacy, and Involution. Through adaptation and due to social selection, some personality traits evolve (and the genes that cause them come into expression), others remain unchanged (neutral) or their change is unclear or indeterminate as in neutrosophy (and the genes that cause them stay the same or their change is unclear), and a third category of personality traits - not or less needed in the new environment – involve (and the genes that cause them come off their expression).



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